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"I am proud to endorse my friend, Rick Gray, for reelection to the Arizona State Senate. Rick is a proven conservative leader. His leadership has brought fiscal responsibility, job growth, better education, safety, and security to Arizona. He consistently stands up for your constitutional rights, for life, and for Arizona families. Rick helped lead Arizona’s last financial recovery and we need his steady leadership to bring Arizona back to thriving again. I hope you’ll join me in reelecting Rick to represent our district."

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, AZ08


"I have high expectations. I believe elected officials should be accountable to the people who trusted them with their votes. I believe they should stand for strong principles and they should work hard to accomplish goals that create a better tomorrow. Rick Gray is among the few politicians who rise to this level. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Senator Gray on issues of great importance to current and future residents and I have seen firsthand the high expectations he has for himself.  His commonsense approach is to work hard, dig deep for solutions and respect the citizens he represents. I have high expectations and I endorse Rick Gray for Arizona Senate."

Cathy Carlat, Peoria Mayor


"Senator Rick Gray is an experienced leader and exceptional lawmaker for the West Valley.  He has demonstrated courage and willingness to tackle difficult problems facing our region and state.  I wholeheartedly know that he will remain dedicated to the needs of our community."

Skip Hall, Surprise Mayor

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"Arizona and America face profound and unprecedented challenges. Failure to meet and master these challenges is not an option. Success will require great wisdom, hard work, and the courage to forge a working consensus in order to unite us as a people. In order to avoid failure, government will be asked to function in a decidedly un-governmental fashion by seeking and implementing policies which truly focus on the enhancement of quality of life for the greater good. 

Being a conservative, which both you and I most certainly are, will no longer be sufficient in and of itself. Meeting and mastering the challenges we face will require innovative problem-solving skills and the willingness and courage to forge a strong consensus and sometimes controversial policy.

I believe you are well qualified to help lead us into a better future."

Mike LeVault, Youngtown Mayor


"I consider it a great honor to be endorsing Rick Gray for the Arizona Senate. Rick is a man of integrity and high moral character. Rick has demonstrated a commitment to the saving of unborn lives and he is a fiscal conservative on budget issues.

During my 10 years of working in government, I have had the opportunity to work with and around many high-level politicians and Rick ranks as one of the best I know. He says what he means, means what he says and does what he says.

Finally…Rick is the kind of guy you can sit down with, have a cup of coffee and talk about stuff.  Rick has been a hard worker and business owner, who has decided to serve the people of Arizona with his work in the legislature."

David VanderNaalt


"I’ve always appreciated Senator Gray’s commitment to Arizona. And he taught me something truly important. The true conservative seeks to reach and pull people UP! Like Jesus admonition to “ help the Least of Thee” Senator Gray taught me the higher calling in politics. Let’s reach and make each other better. Let’s pull one another UP. For God, Family, and Arizona Vote Rick Gray." 

Reverend Clyde Bowen

Honorable Todd Tande, former Surprise City Councilmember/Vice Mayor

Rory Van Poucke

Wes Waddell, Sun City 

Arizona Academy of Family Physicians

Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry Endorsements


Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs (AZCOPS)

Arizona Free Enterprise Club
Arizona Free Enterprise Club Endorsements

The endorsed candidates represent individuals who align with the organization’s principles and key policy goals.  Club President Scot Mussi stated, “It is critical Arizona has leaders and policymakers who are able to articulate and stand up for free-market principles and pro-growth policies.  This slate of candidates has proven they can and will.

Arizona Mining Association

Arizona Medical Association Political Action Committee (ArMPAC)

ArMPAC Endorsements

Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA)

Arizona Multihousing Endorsements

(Arizona Nurses Association Political Action Committee)

Arizona Nurses Association Political Action Committee 

AzNAPAC is organized for the purpose of advancing nursing and health care in the state of Arizona, and in carrying out that purpose we endeavor to educate candidates and legislators about professional nursing and general health care issues.

Arizona Fraternal Order of Police (AZFOP)
The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police is an association with 9,000 members.

Arizona Police Association
The Arizona Police Association (APA) is an association of associations with 12,000 members.


Arizona REALTORS® Endorsements

Arizona Right to Life

Arizona Rock Products Association (ARPA)

Arizona State Troopers Association


Arizona Technology CouncilArizona Technology Council Endorsements
"Rick Gray (R) has long been a supporter of policies that have supported Arizona's technology industry. He has a pragmatic and thoughtful leadership style and approach to looking at legislation. He supports streamlining processes that businesses encounter when dealing with government."

Center for Arizona Policy Action (CAP Action)
Center for Arizona Policy Action Endorsements

Endorsed candidates share a common desire to serve on behalf of Arizona families, standing for life, family, and religious freedom. Each will fight for conservative values and foundational principles. Each shares our commitment to make Arizona the best place in which to raise a family.

Greater Phoenix Chamber
Greater Phoenix Chamber Endorsements
“For nearly 40 years, the Greater Phoenix Chamber Political Action Committee has supported pro-business candidates for state and local offices regardless of political party affiliation,” explained Chamber PAC Chairman John Moody.  “After a diligent review and deliberation process for the 2020 primary election cycle, we are pleased to endorse candidates who understand the issues impacting the success of businesses and the challenges of our current economic climate, and who are willing to collaborate to advance policies that will support a prosperous economy in the Greater Phoenix region and throughout the state of Arizona.”

Home Builders Association of Central Arizona Political Action Committee (HBACA PAC)

NFIB Arizona (National Federation of Independent Business)
NFIB Endorsements

NRA - Political Victory Fund
NRA Endorsements

Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber represents over 5,000 members of the business community. We have a vested interest in the communities of El Mirage, Sun City, Sun City West, Surprise,  Waddell, and Youngtown. Today the Chamber has altered its 50+ year tradition on staying out of political races. I am writing to offer you the first-ever endorsement of the Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce for your 2020 election campaign.
- Raoul Sada, President and CEO

Surprise Chamber Endorsements