When I ran for office in 2009 I said I’m more of a businessman than a politician, and that statement remains true today. Like many of you, I am still concerned about the direction of our country and our state. Nationally, with the unprecedented levels of debt we are being loaded with, and the fiscal irresponsibility our government is exercising, we are faced with an economic tsunami and we must be prepared. We have taken positive steps over the last few years, but we must keep moving in the right direction.

Arizona must move to a fiscal high ground to be able to protect our local economy and our people. If we make wise choices we can continue to help energize our economy, see employment rise and our state revenues increase. We have made progress in these areas, but we must continue. If we do we can be the state that others move to when they want to relocate or start a business. Arizona is known for its 5 C’s: Cotton, Citrus, Copper, Cattle, and Climate. If we continue to focus on developing our business climate we can add another C-Careers. We can be the location of choice for new businesses and see Arizona reach that fiscal high ground.

We have a choice. And as we all know, choices have consequences. I invite you to join me in working to make sure wise choices are made for Arizona, and that we move ahead to the high ground. Arizona is a great place to live, and I want to work for you to make it an even better place to start a business, raise a family, get an education, and retire with all the amenities.

Vote Rick Gray, and put me back to work for you.




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